Sunday, 3 February 2013

Making Your Towels Fluffy Again

Do you ever wonder why your home towels often go dry and scratchy? There are various reasons that contribute to this. Often comparing the home use bath sheet towels and hand towels to those from the hotels reveals a very big difference. It is however possible to maintain the towels used at home to retain a good standing for a longer time giving you the opportunity to enjoy their soft touch. The best period to buy a towel is over towel sales. This occasion brings in quality towels to the market at great prices. Towels sales do not come about all year round thus a need to take great care of your towel until the next opportunity that will bring more quality towel clearance sale in place.

When your hand towel feels old and not as fluffy as you would like it to be, it is time to seek ways of reviving its look and feel. After this, you need to watch on the care given to the towel to keep it feeling good. Bath sheet towels are big in size and since they are used in drying the body, they need to be soft and fluffy. This however wears out with time. This means that extra special care given to hand towels needs to be given to the bath sheet towels too. One thing that should remain in peoples minds is that laundering towels should not b carried out alongside other garments. Towels need to be washed separate from all other clothes. This helps give towels the special type of care they should be awarded and prevent friction that wears them out fast.

Drying towels in the sun is not an excellent idea. To keep towels from being too dry, they should be tumble dried. This action also helps to keep the towel fluffy. Hotel towels are always seen fluffy due to the laundry care. They are washed in machines and tumbled dried. This keeps them in excellent condition. The detergents used in cleaning towels too need to be monitored. There are other detergents that leave them dry or leave traces of the detergents behind thus making the towels appear faded as the detergent remains accumulate. The use of fabric conditioners too needs to be monitored. As these accumulate on the towel over time, they add up the waxy content to the towel thus reducing its absorbency level.

When your old towels feel dry and scratchy, it is time to take extra care to revive them. This includes adding ammonia and vinegar to the wash to get rid off the detergent and hard water mineral build up that is in the towel. Adding vinegar also during the final rinse after cleaning the towel helps to raise up the fluff on the towel.

If the towel bears some smell, it is advisable to add ammonia to water separate from the wash water and dip the towel in this water. It will clear off the smell from the towel. However, if under these care tips the towel feels dry and non-fluffy again. It is because it has served its purpose and its fibers have broken down. It is now a chance to let it rest and bring out new towels for use.

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